There Are Many Points To Pay Attention To When Using Plastic Lunch Boxes

- Aug 24, 2020-

The plastic lunch box is light and easy to carry. It is a must for many students and office workers to carry lunch. Some people think that the plastic lunch box is a simple container for meals. When buying and using it, they are very casual. In fact, it is safe to use disposable lunch boxes. There are many points that need attention.

1. Brush clean before one use.

When plastic lunch boxes are used once, there will be some plastic smell, so they must be cleaned before use.

2. Avoid using plastic lunch boxes to heat high-oil foods.

Because the boiling point of oil is very high, it will easily exceed the bottom line of plastic heat resistance when heated, and the oil, sugar and plasticizer are all organic substances and can be compatible, so it is better to avoid using plastic boxes to heat foods that contain a lot of fat and sugar. , So as not to produce harmful substances and endanger human health.

3. Choose good quality plastic lunch boxes with safety signs.

High-quality plastic lunch boxes are hard to pinch, and have complete safety signs, complete with production materials, date, origin, and precautions for use; inferior plastic lunch boxes are soft when pinched, and all kinds of information are incomplete. Pay special attention when buying.

4. Regularly replace the lunch box.

Plastic lunch boxes are often heated and exposed to the sun, which can easily damage the plastic molecules and make the plastic fragile and aging. If you find that the plastic box becomes hard, from transparent to atomized, etc., it should be replaced in time. If you serve hot food porridge or put it in a microwave oven, it will release more harmful substances.

5. Open the lid of the microwave heating plastic lunch box.

Opening the lid and heating can prevent the toxic substances in the lid from being released by heat. At the same time, if the box body also releases toxic substances, open the lid and heat it to release the toxic substances into the air. Therefore, when putting plastic lunch boxes in the microwave, try not to cover them.

6. Special plastic lunch box is required for microwave heating

When you want to use a microwave oven to heat a plastic lunch box, try to use the special plastic lunch box for the microwave oven, and then carefully check how high temperature the lunch box can withstand, so that it will be safer to use. Otherwise, some lunch boxes that are not heat-resistant will encounter high temperatures and release plasticizers that endanger human health. At present, polypropylene is more heat-resistant, which can withstand 140°C, followed by polyethylene, which can withstand 110°C, while polystyrene can only heat up to 90°C, and the heat of microwave ovens can reach 120°C or more, so try to choose polypropylene Plastic lunch box.

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