Liquid Food Packaging Hygiene Safety Requirements

- Jun 11, 2019-

With the development of industrialization and the improvement of people's living standards, more and more milk and beverages have entered the households, and the accompanying paper-plastic packaging materials have also penetrated people's lives. How to ensure the health of the people while bringing convenience to people's lives, and the hygienic requirements as packaging materials for milk and beverages are also becoming increasingly important.

At present, there are three main types of packaging for dairy products and beverages on the market. The first one is paper-plastic composite packaging, the second is plastic film (three-layer film, five-layer film), and the third is plastic bottle (high-density poly Ethylene HDPE, polyester PET) packaging. The following is mainly for the discussion of paper-plastic composite packaging materials for your reference.

With the advancement of society, the continuous improvement of food safety awareness and environmental protection awareness, and the continuous advancement of technology, developed countries have put forward higher requirements, and our country has also made new plans for social sustainable development. At present, the state has relevant standards for paper-plastic composite packaging materials, and the requirements for hygiene are regulated with reference to the requirements of food packaging base paper and food polyethylene.

To ensure that liquid packaging materials meet the packaging hygiene requirements and reach the international advanced level, the raw materials for processing packaging materials must meet the corresponding sanitary standards. There are mainly four kinds of raw materials for paper-plastic composite materials used in dairy packaging. The main functions of each raw material are as follows:

       1. Cardboard mainly provides the strength and stiffness of the package.

       2. Polyethylene mainly blocks liquid contents and microorganisms.

       3, aluminum foil is mainly to block oxygen, light and smell.

       4, the ink is mainly used to print and reproduce the pattern requested by customers.

Food hygiene and safety have very strict requirements on raw materials to ensure the taste, nutrition and freshness of food.

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