Why Is The Vacuum Bag Wrap Wrinkled?

- Jul 06, 2018-

Reason analysis:

1. The thickness of the substrate is not uniform, and the film difference is too large.

2. The substrate is unwound.

3. When the amount of glue is too much or insufficient, interlayer sliding will occur; uneven coating will also cause local wrinkles.

4, the adhesive is not dry enough, the residual solvent is too much, the adhesion is small, and the two substrates after the composite are displaced.

5. The composite film composite film receives the roll without cooling or cooling, and the high temperature soft composite film is easy to wrinkle.

6. The tension composite pressure is not set properly.

7. The tension is not properly controlled, and the tension of the loading and winding is not coordinated or matched.

8. Each guide roller is not parallel.

9. The surface of each guide roller is not clean, there is foreign matter sticking, or the surface of the guide roller is uneven, there are pits, scribes, bumps

Vacuum packaging bag wrinkle solution:

1. Replace the qualified film.

2. The position of the film is neglected so that it does not deflect during the transfer.

3. Adjust the amount of glue applied and apply evenly.

4, adjust the process parameters, so that the adhesive can be fully dried, reducing the residual amount of solvent.

5. The composite membrane should be fully cooled before rewinding.

6. Adjust the composite pressure.

7 Adjust the unwinding and winding tension so that the tensions of the parts match each other.

8. Adjust the parallelism of each guide roller.

9. Clean the surface of each guide stick and replace the damaged guide stick to ensure that the surface of the guide roller is smooth, smooth and clean.

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