Frozen Food Packaging

- Jul 02, 2018-

There are two main types of frozen food packaging: soft type and hard type. The soft type is based on a plastic film. Thick and hard packaging, such as a slightly thicker paper packaging box, composite aluminum foil stamping container, etc., the former accounted for a large proportion. The frozen food packaging that is common on the market today uses the following structure:

OPP/LLDPE The product performance of this structure can achieve moisture resistance, cold resistance, low temperature heat sealing and strong tensile strength, etc., and the cost is relatively economical;

NY/LLDPE The packaging performance of this structure can withstand freezing, impact resistance, puncture, relatively high cost, and good product packaging performance.

Structures such as PET/LLDPE and PET/NY/LLDPE and PET/VMPET/LLDPE are also used in frozen products, but the usage rate is relatively low;

Another type is a simple PE bag, such as vegetable packaging. The above several product structures are the relatively concentrated structures used in the packaging of low-temperature frozen products in the market.

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