Advantages And Applications Of Stand Up Nozzle Bag

- Jun 11, 2019-

Advantages of the nozzle bag

The stand up nozzle bag is a relatively novel form of packaging. The biggest advantage compared to the common packaging form is portability. The stand up nozzle bag can be conveniently placed in a backpack or even a pocket, and can be reduced in size as the content is reduced. More convenient to carry. It has advantages in improving product grade, enhancing shelf visual effects, carrying light, convenient, fresh and sealable. The stand up nozzle bag is laminated by PET/foil/PET/PE structure. It can also be made of 2 layers, 3 layers and other specifications. Depending on the product, the oxygen barrier can be added as needed to reduce the penetration. Oxygen rate, extending the shelf life of the product.

At present, the soft drink packaging on the market is mainly in the form of PET bottles, composite aluminum paper bags and cans. In today's increasingly homogenized competition, the improvement of packaging is undoubtedly one of the powerful means of differentiated competition. The self-supporting nozzle bag combines the repetitive packaging of PET bottles with the composite aluminum paper bag. At the same time, it also has the advantages that traditional beverage packaging can't match in the printing performance. Because of the basic shape of the self-standing bag, the display area of the nozzle bag It is significantly larger than PET bottles and is superior to packages that cannot stand. Of course, because the nozzle bag belongs to the category of flexible packaging, it is not suitable for the packaging of carbonated beverages at present, but it has unique advantages in juice, dairy products, health drinks, jelly foods, etc.

Nozzle bag application

stand up nozzle bag packaging is mainly used in juice drinks, sports drinks, bottled drinking water, sippy jelly, condiments, etc. In addition to the food industry, some detergents, daily cosmetics, medical supplies and other products are also used. Gradually increase.

The stand up nozzle bag is more convenient for pouring or sucking the contents, and can be re-closed and repeatedly opened, which can be considered as a combination of the stand-up pouch and the ordinary bottle mouth. This stand-up pouch is generally used in daily necessities packaging for liquid, colloidal, semi-solid products such as beverages, shower gels, shampoos, ketchups, cooking oils, and jelly.

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