Metallic aluminum film laminated film

Metallic aluminum film laminated film

Plastic Packaging Film can custom made. Through the manufacturing process printing, dry lamination, etc. according to customer demand. Form printing, dry lamination and binding...

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Metallic aluminum film laminated film

 This Film is for Packing film, custom made with your logo available. We are a manufacturer From China. Other film for cup sealing and bowl sealing , bag making film,laminated printing packaging film,etc available. 

Our plastic films are with competitive price, welcome contact us ! 

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Yangrui different heat-sealable layer material can be designed to provide customers with personalized packaging solutions, if applicable, or a high-speed packaging process oil heat sealing packaging. Yangrui Printing and composite packaging may also be designed according to diversification programs, such as easy to tear effect, anti-static, anti-fog, resistant to cooking and so on. 

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Flexible structure design, a variety of complex solutions, to provide the most economical and practical solution.

Manufacturer with competitive price ! Welcome send enquiry to us! Packaging Solution partner!




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