Biodegradable Food Grade To-Go Containers

Biodegradable Food Grade To-Go Containers

Biodegradable food grade To-Go Containers With one or three Compartments Five different size:9*9'' 8*8'' 9*6''(228*152*70mm) 9*6''(228*152*66) 6*6''

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Biodegradable food grade To-Go Containers


hinged lid containerfood container1food container2


Yangrui packaging focus on the development of plastic food containers, packaging bags and food packaging film, is a professional factory of packaging.

We upgraded our dust-free workshop and purchased several high-speed fully automated thermoforming machines (KIEFEl Speedformer KMD 78 Smart ) in 2016  , greatly increased production efficiency to 800 Ton/morth. At the same time also passed a strict quality inspection process to provide our customers with quality products.Nowadays, green products are getting more and more people's attention. 

Yangrui has added environmentally friendly products such as degradable lunch boxes, paper cups and paper lunch boxes, and strives to improve the environmental friendliness of the products.

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