What Are The Performance Requirements For Plastic Film For Heat Sealing?

- Jul 12, 2018-

What are the performance requirements for plastic film for heat sealing?

  1. The heat sealing start temperature should be low to meet the requirements for adjusting the automatic bag filling mechanism;

2. The plastic film for heat sealing should have good cold and heat resistance;

3. The heat seal strength should be high;

4. The peeling strength between the heats is large, that is, the peeling distance between the heats is small, that is to say, in the heat sealing, the parts which have been heat-sealed due to the mechanical pulling force and the like are small, and the parts which are re-separated are small;

5. It is necessary to have good heat sealability of inclusions, that is, the hot cover is contaminated by oil dust and still has good heat seal strength.

6. The dynamic and static friction coefficient is between 0.2 and 0.4, so as to facilitate sufficient filling of powdered and viscous liquids;

7. Has good resistance to breakage;

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