Hot Selling Eight Sealing Bag With Valve

Hot Selling Eight Sealing Bag With Valve

Yangrui offers customized bags such as stand up pouches, side gusset bags seal on sides, flat bottom bags, quad sealed bags, retort pouches, pillow pouches and many others. We provide the right material for the products so these bags extend the shelf life of various Food Bag products including:Dry pellets / Pet treat and biscuits / Semi-wet foods / High moisture foods

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Hot selling Eight sealing bag with valve


We produce custom printed bags up to 9 colors by utilizing the latest rotogravure technique. Our Cat Food Bags are manufactured with metalized or aluminium foil layers which protect the Cat Food from moist and oxygen. We know exactly which materials would be suitable for the pet food product so we make use of plastic forms like:PPE / LLDPE / PE / BOPP / MET


Good sealing is done by us taking into consideration of precise pressure, right temperature and right sealing time. We manufacture foil laminated, matt finish, window, brown Kraft paper bags for pet food packaging. We also provide biodegradable pet food packaging which can be extremely environment friendly. Our pet food bags are attached with several accessories such as:Re-sealable zipper / Degassing valve / Hanging holes / Tear notch / Euro slot / Transparent window


If you are looking for unique and innovative Food Bag solution then our packaging services would be the best option for you as we provide huge variety of colors and sizes. You can choose one which would be more suitable to your product.

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